Maru now open!

For those who have been craving Chef Jason Park’s desserts from the former Ramekin, your wait is now over!  His new restaurant Maru is now open for lunch (Tue-Fri) & dinner (Tue-Sun).  Featuring his French-inspired Japanese cuisine to traditional omakase, the food will not disappoint!  And to finish the meal?  Superb desserts of course!  Be sure to try your old favorites like berry cobbler, chocolate bread pudding, homemade ice creams, seasonal Farmer’s market tarts & much more!

Reservations can be made by calling: 424-832-7118.

Click on the EaterLA link for pics of this gorgeous restaurant!


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..More Fall Flavors..

More fall flavors from the Santa Monica & Hollywood Farmer’s Markets.  We have apple bananas (Coleman Farms), Arkansas black apples (Windrose Farms) & Hashiya persimmon (JJ Lone Daughter Farm).

apple bananas (Coleman Farms)  Arkansas black apples (Windrose Farm)  Hoshizaki persimmon (JJ Lone Daughter Ranch)

This great organic produce makes our tarts & desserts taste DE-LICIOUS!  Below is our APPLE BANANA TART w/TORCHED MARSHMALLOW FLUFF!

apple banana tart with marshmallow fluff

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Seasons Changing = New Flavors!

The weather is getting a little chillier (for Southern California standards, at least!), and autumn is now upon us!  That means new flavors at Ramekin!

pear main apples (windrose farms)

Above are white pear main apples from Windrose Farm.  These are the best flavor profile and variety to bake with caramel on our kouign amann.


This delicious corn from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market is used in our new Jimador tequila + corn ice cream.  Sweet, savory and lot a depth of flavor with that hint of tequila!


The ice cream case is packed with new flavors that represent the fall colors!  Come on by and try them for yourself! =)

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FALL Kouign Amann

Gone are the hot days of summer and the great stone fruits that we enjoyed.  Here now is fall and the great autumn offerings.  Stay tuned for new desserts this month and next.  Here are our first two: our CARAMEL APPLE and BANANA + VALRHONA CHOCOLATE kouign amann!

kouign amann (caramel apple + banana Valrhona)

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Are You Feeling Sweet or TART?

We are definitely in a TART mood these days.  Great organic fruits & produce yield great desserts from us!

tiger's stripe fig (pudwill farms)   Plums (Arnett Farms)

Tiger’s stripe figs, blueberries & golden raspberries (Pudwill Farms) & plums (Arnett Farms) make….

tiger's stripe fig tart   tarts (summer-fall 2014)

Tiger’s stripe fig tart, mixed berry tart, strawberry tart, bruleed banana tart.  (Raspberry & plum sorbets not pictured).  Come by and try some of these mouth-watering offerings! =)

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Beat the Heat!

It’s been extremely warm (HOT!) in LA recently, but we wanted to share some options to COOL down during this late summer/early fall season!

corn   yellow watermelon

CORN SORBET (#TamaiFamilyFarms) & YELLOW WATERMELON SORBET (#MurrayFamilyFarms).  Very wide range of flavors, but both refreshingly good!




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Farmer’s Market Tart

Farmers Market Tart

Introducing our new FARMER’S MARKET TARTS!  In front we have our BRULEED BANANA TART & BERRY TART behind it.  Our tarts are GLUTEN FREE and made with organic almond flour, light lemon pastry cream & topped with organic fruit!


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